Planta I Cull

Escola Taller in the heart of L’Horta Nord

Field Activities

The children’s will spend a day in an entertaining program performing field work and learning about plants.


We have a showroom dedicated to learn about the the irrigation system and the canals of the orchard that form the “Tribunal de las Aguas” and also all about the “Xufa”.

Tours and Events

We have a Lounge Room with a projector and wireless Internet access for product presentations, celebrations and more.


Planta i Cull is a School Workshop / House Museum in the hearth of “L’Horta Nord” in Alboraya, created due to the interest on the orchard, organic farming and rural areas. By “Agro-Education” we try to bring this medium, especially to kindergarten and primary education children.

The School Workshop school is located in a farmhouse which has a large room to conduct workshops and a second floor with two “cambras” (formerly used to dry tobacco, groundnuts, etc) where the exhibition rooms of the museum are.

Outside there is an fully fenced entertainment area and also a cultivated field to visit.


  • Knowledge of vegetable medium

  • Distinguish parts of the plant

  • Experience the work at the Orchard

  • Harvest collection

  • And much more 🙂


The children’s will spend a day in an entertaining program performing field work and learning about of plants.

  • The Orchard

    You will learn about seeding, tillage, irrigation and harvesting seasonal crops, with a direct participation in the process.

  • The Growing

    See the development of the crops, distinguishing plant parts, functions and parts of every plant we eat.

  • The Soil

    Components of the soil, mix of lands and the fertilizer.

  • The Tools

    Handle and use the tools necessary for each task.


The Farmhouse has all the necessary technical elements for cultural and social events, product presentations, conventions, meetings, exhibitions, family events and much more.. You can enjoy a day in our garden and visit the showrooms. If you are interested we offer catering service with menus for all budgets and suited for your event with fresh and typical products of …